Freecall – Montage For The Lost Time

(2006, 1000CD Digipack, FK001)

Music produced by Freecall is based on improvisation with a variety of different aesthetic approaches: it explores elements of jazz, electronic music and the symphonic Avant Garde, maintaining aspects of Dadaism as what is produced in performance cannot possibly be repeated. Notions of time and sound are not seen as a means of creation but as autonomous mediums of a mosaic. 68 minutes of music is divided into two parts and 7 tracks, included is a 7 minute art video with music created for the specific work.

Theo Patsalidis – violin, loops, piano, cymbals
Lakis Tzimkas – electric bass, loops, effects
Christos Yermenoglou – percussion, piano, glockenspiel
Nikos Tzaferidis – Video art, design