Harry Elektron – You Are Antenna In The Shop / Είσαι Κεραία Στο Μαγαζί

(2014, 500CD Digipack, FK009)

Είσαι Κεραία Στο Μαγαζί meaning You Are Antenna In The Shop, is an album title that comprises by some of its song titles. The original CD is chopped in 99 tracks (though the actual tunes are 12) so that if you play it in random order you will listen to a different album each time. Here we have a form of band structure, that’s why the sound is a bit industrial rock, but still lots of experiment and slow stuff are recorded.

Harry Elektron – music composing, programming and producing, keyboards, guitar, vocals
Thanasys Apostolidius – keyboards, backing vocals
Sonny Touch – electric guitars
Nolan Cook – electric guitar on His Wife Was Synthetic
George Bandoek – electric guitar on Scientist
Ra Lalita Dasi – narration on Μιση Αποδραση (Half Escape)
Dina Ya Coo Macu – vocals on Tην Αγαπη (To The Love)
Michael Vrettas – violin on Στο Μαγαζι (In The Shop)
Theo Ηit – drums on Tasmanian Angel & His Wife Was Synthetic


Harry Elektron – Black Tower / Μαύρος Πύργος

(2010, 1000CD Digipack, FK008)

The Black Tower is an allusion to the symbol of Elektron’s home-city, the White Tower of Thessaloniki. White Tower being in the limelight while Black Tower is the twin brother in the underground. The album is characterized by the variety of sound pallet and emotions. Each song is a different personality.

Harry Elektron – music composing, programming and producing, keyboards, vocals
Nolan Cook – electric guitar 
Alex Apostolakis – electronic drums
Katerina McAV – vocals

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Serge Adam, Yula Michail – Synomilia

(2008, 1000CD Digipack, FK005)

Synomilia presents a sound trip which made effective the voice and the trumpet sampled on the real time, nourishing new spaces. This environment is animated by different beats and new materials creating a natural support for the improvised instrumental play development. It is a real musical narration/story built around a dynamic at a precise moment, creating previous images, like a script oneself could imagine in its own temporality.

Serge Adam – trumpet, laptop
Yula Michail – voice