Kristo Rodzevski – Black Earth

(2023, 500lmt, 180g 12” Vinyl, 350gsm Gatefold, FK017)

Black Earth has eleven traditional Macedonian songs infused with African aesthetics, including Gnawa undertones, Congo rumba, and African field recordings. The core of the traditional Macedonian harmonies and rhythms was developed over the centuries from the Ancient Greek and Roman Empire’s lyricism, Byzantium’s chants, and the Ottoman Empire’s classical music progressions, by way of multiple migrations, storytelling, wars, myths, tribalism, reconciliations, etc.) In a nutshell, Black Earth is a filtrate of the trans-generational transmission of resilience, trauma, love, and naivete.

Kristo Rodzevski – vocals, acoustic guitar, tambura
Dominic James – electric guitar
Josh Werner – bass
Adam Rudolph – sintir, percussion
Bill Laswell – bass, field recordings, production


Milcho Leviev, Lakis Tzimkas – Conversations From The Past

(2022, 500CD Digipack, FK014)

Lakis Tzimkas and Milcho Leviev came in contact in 2002 during their first common performance. Ever since, a special bond has been created in both personal and artistic levels. One of the outcomes of this common progression is this recording, five years before Milco Leviev had passed (1937-2019). This CD features compositions by both. The style oscillates between the classical and jazz music bordering the cinematic. Musical narrations create a tension that births the sense of depth, motion and emotion.

Milcho Leviev – piano
Lakis Tzimkas – double bass


Yiannis Balafoutis – Yerma / Γέρμα

(2006, 500CD Digipack, FK003)

The Mediterranean atmosphere with the Byzantine layers gives in a special characteristic to this album. The playing is not derived by the effect of technique but have is aiming to a journey that could anyone do in personal spiritual destinations. In this full of atmosphere music labyrinth, soul from inside melodies looks for placidity and clear conscience. This is a unique work in texture and quality in which the sentiments and the memories of composer are emerging through his music.

Yiannis Balafoutis – clarinet, nevi, flute with beak, lyrics, song
Giannis Tsentouros – percussion
Dionysis Sampaziotis – classic guitar
Alexandros Botinis – violoncello
Costas Stefanopoulos – sazi
Giannis Panagiotopoulos – udi


Bass To Bass

(2006, 500CD Digipack, FK002)

Two great musicians “bass to bass” for the first time exploiting the new soundscape of two acoustic basses competing each other, frequently exchanging roles on their own compositions, as well as on well-known jazz standards!

Lakis Tzimkas – doublebass
Nektarios Karantzis – doublebass