Kristo Rodzevski – Black Earth

(2023, 500lmt, 180g 12” Vinyl, 350gsm Gatefold, FK017)

Black Earth has eleven traditional Macedonian songs infused with African aesthetics, including Gnawa undertones, Congo rumba, and African field recordings. The core of the traditional Macedonian harmonies and rhythms was developed over the centuries from the Ancient Greek and Roman Empire’s lyricism, Byzantium’s chants, and the Ottoman Empire’s classical music progressions, by way of multiple migrations, storytelling, wars, myths, tribalism, reconciliations, etc.) In a nutshell, Black Earth is a filtrate of the trans-generational transmission of resilience, trauma, love, and naivete.

Kristo Rodzevski – vocals, acoustic guitar, tambura
Dominic James – electric guitar
Josh Werner – bass
Adam Rudolph – sintir, percussion
Bill Laswell – bass, field recordings, production