Michalis Siganidis – Dead Slow

(2024, 300lmt 180g 12” Vinyl, FK020)

Michalis Siganidis seems to narrate through the strings in this absolutely physical, organic way his experiential, intellectual and emotional relationship with the instrument. The accompanying electronic commentaries by Jannis Anastasakis refers to a dialectic of question and answer. Through this pulsating sound environment, the listener receives a musical world deeply internal, a circuit – extremely subtle but also coarse with a fierce intensity in places – of rare in expressiveness psychic vibrations.

”Interactive sound narrative in 2 tracks -no overdubs- where the acoustic bass converses with BBC samples and electric one with Yannis Anastassakis’ effects, creating an environment of immobility. Sakis Papadimitriou used to call me Slownidis (Siga=slow). Ten -at the most- evolving patterns – for a life” Michalis Siganidis.

Michalis Siganidis – doublebass, electric (Banchetti) bass
Jannis Anastasakis – fx, loops