Orange Blue Green – Skra’s Confession

(2022, 400CD Digipack, FK013)

The Orange Blue Green band improvises freely in the true sense of the word. An improvisation initiating from the very first sound produced without any prior coordination regarding the style, structure or anything relating to the overall musical form. An acoustic, almost classical trio that has embraced the fundamental features of the sound of chamber music, along with the various musical idioms and experiences of the members’ multi-dimensional course. Their music features a primal element, a product of the absolute freedom they cultivate, a robust sound consisting of the acoustic friction of rhythmic and melodic fragments and at the same time a lyricism and a kaleidoscopic refinement as well as a wide range of sounds.

Dimos Goudaroulis – cello
Nektarios Karantzis – doublebass
Christos Yermenoglou – drums, percussion