Yiannis Balafoutis – Yerma / Γέρμα

(2006, 500CD Digipack, FK003)

The Mediterranean atmosphere with the Byzantine layers gives in a special characteristic to this album. The playing is not derived by the effect of technique but have is aiming to a journey that could anyone do in personal spiritual destinations. In this full of atmosphere music labyrinth, soul from inside melodies looks for placidity and clear conscience. This is a unique work in texture and quality in which the sentiments and the memories of composer are emerging through his music.

Yiannis Balafoutis – clarinet, nevi, flute with beak, lyrics, song
Giannis Tsentouros – percussion
Dionysis Sampaziotis – classic guitar
Alexandros Botinis – violoncello
Costas Stefanopoulos – sazi
Giannis Panagiotopoulos – udi