Babis Papadopoulos, Christos Yermenolou – Basenezmen

(2015, 500lmt 12” Vinyl, FK010)

Recorded in Royal Alzheimer Hall, Thessaloniki, Greece, January 2015, Limited release of 500 unique record covers for the 500 hand-numbered copies of the Basenezmen music project. Two of the most important musicians in Greece are currently together for the first time to present ‘basenezmen’ project. They improvise under rythmic structures in form of jazz, rock, ambient and folk music.

Babis Papadopoulos – electric guitar, loops – effects
Christos Yermenoglou – drums, percussion


Harry Elektron – You Are Antenna In The Shop / Είσαι Κεραία Στο Μαγαζί

(2014, 500CD Digipack, FK009)

Είσαι Κεραία Στο Μαγαζί meaning You Are Antenna In The Shop, is an album title that comprises by some of its song titles. The original CD is chopped in 99 tracks (though the actual tunes are 12) so that if you play it in random order you will listen to a different album each time. Here we have a form of band structure, that’s why the sound is a bit industrial rock, but still lots of experiment and slow stuff are recorded.

Harry Elektron – music composing, programming and producing, keyboards, guitar, vocals
Thanasys Apostolidius – keyboards, backing vocals
Sonny Touch – electric guitars
Nolan Cook – electric guitar on His Wife Was Synthetic
George Bandoek – electric guitar on Scientist
Ra Lalita Dasi – narration on Μιση Αποδραση (Half Escape)
Dina Ya Coo Macu – vocals on Tην Αγαπη (To The Love)
Michael Vrettas – violin on Στο Μαγαζι (In The Shop)
Theo Ηit – drums on Tasmanian Angel & His Wife Was Synthetic


Harry Elektron – Black Tower / Μαύρος Πύργος

(2010, 1000CD Digipack, FK008)

The Black Tower is an allusion to the symbol of Elektron’s home-city, the White Tower of Thessaloniki. White Tower being in the limelight while Black Tower is the twin brother in the underground. The album is characterized by the variety of sound pallet and emotions. Each song is a different personality.

Harry Elektron – music composing, programming and producing, keyboards, vocals
Nolan Cook – electric guitar 
Alex Apostolakis – electronic drums
Katerina McAV – vocals

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Antonis Anissegos, Thymios Atzakas – Soma / Σώμα

(2009, 500x2CD Digipack, FK007)

The duο’s work focuses on the creative fusion of composition and improvisation, where links between experienced and ideal sound are constantly being formed and deformed. This double CD reflects the two dimensions of ΣΩΜΑ. The first CD presents the close musical liaison between Anisengos and Atzakas, along with three additional trios with Michalis Siganidis. The second CD features guest musicians, Savvina Yannatou, Maria Thoidou and Michalis Siganidis, who form trios, quartets and quintets with Anisengos and Atzakas. The CDs also include two quicktime videos of a complete concert by ΣΩΜΑ with Chris Dahlgren, Michalis Siganidis, Savvina Giannatou and Maria Thoidou, held at the international music community Music Village in 2009.

Antonis Anissegos – piano
Thymios Atzakas – oud, guitar
Savina Yannatou – voice
Michalis Siganidis – doublebass
Maria Thoidou – voice


Sakis Papadimitriou, Christos Yermenolou – Orthopetalia

(2008, 500CD Digipack, FK006)

Sakis Papadimitriou and Christos Yermenoglou are closely collaborating since 2002 in concerts where music is combined with song, poetry and cinematography. As a duette, they suggest the presentation of sound straight from its source and the immediacy of the acoustic instruments. Piano and percussion are presented in familiar and new timbres and soundscapes, in conventional and contemporary modes.

Sakis Papadimitriou – piano
Christos Yermenoglou – drums, percussion


Serge Adam, Yula Michail – Synomilia

(2008, 1000CD Digipack, FK005)

Synomilia presents a sound trip which made effective the voice and the trumpet sampled on the real time, nourishing new spaces. This environment is animated by different beats and new materials creating a natural support for the improvised instrumental play development. It is a real musical narration/story built around a dynamic at a precise moment, creating previous images, like a script oneself could imagine in its own temporality.

Serge Adam – trumpet, laptop
Yula Michail – voice


Lynx – Lynx Fux Fox

(2006, 500CD Digipack, FK004)

Lynx started in 2004 and is a doubledrumleadrhythmsectionpowerband. Based on Antonis’ compositions the music is developing in collective improvisations. Combination of arithmetical structures and spontaneous decisions. Hypnotic melodies, ecstatic drumming and extended sound trips. Studio prize 2005 of the Culture Senat in Berlin! Cool dark sounds in Jazzy and Latin ways!

Antonis Anissegos – piano, fender rhodes, recorder
Kalle Kalima – guitar
Danny Schröteler – drums, percussion
Samuel Rohrer – drums, percussion


Yiannis Balafoutis – Yerma / Γέρμα

(2006, 500CD Digipack, FK003)

The Mediterranean atmosphere with the Byzantine layers gives in a special characteristic to this album. The playing is not derived by the effect of technique but have is aiming to a journey that could anyone do in personal spiritual destinations. In this full of atmosphere music labyrinth, soul from inside melodies looks for placidity and clear conscience. This is a unique work in texture and quality in which the sentiments and the memories of composer are emerging through his music.

Yiannis Balafoutis – clarinet, nevi, flute with beak, lyrics, song
Giannis Tsentouros – percussion
Dionysis Sampaziotis – classic guitar
Alexandros Botinis – violoncello
Costas Stefanopoulos – sazi
Giannis Panagiotopoulos – udi


Bass To Bass

(2006, 500CD Digipack, FK002)

Two great musicians “bass to bass” for the first time exploiting the new soundscape of two acoustic basses competing each other, frequently exchanging roles on their own compositions, as well as on well-known jazz standards!

Lakis Tzimkas – doublebass
Nektarios Karantzis – doublebass


Freecall – Montage For The Lost Time

(2006, 1000CD Digipack, FK001)

Music produced by Freecall is based on improvisation with a variety of different aesthetic approaches: it explores elements of jazz, electronic music and the symphonic Avant Garde, maintaining aspects of Dadaism as what is produced in performance cannot possibly be repeated. Notions of time and sound are not seen as a means of creation but as autonomous mediums of a mosaic. 68 minutes of music is divided into two parts and 7 tracks, included is a 7 minute art video with music created for the specific work.

Theo Patsalidis – violin, loops, piano, cymbals
Lakis Tzimkas – electric bass, loops, effects
Christos Yermenoglou – percussion, piano, glockenspiel
Nikos Tzaferidis – Video art, design